4 Tips to Sell Your Property Efficiently

Selling an apartment or a house is a long process. And if you do not manage it well, it can take a long time and/or result in selling your property for less than you originally planned. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help you succeed in selling a property more efficiently. We are sharing these with you:

1. Set the Right Price

We can not say it enough, it is crucial to set the right price for the property you are selling. In order to do so, many objective criteria must be taken into account, such as:

  • The date of construction.
  • The living space area.
  • The location: the actual location, access to facilities, orientation of the property, etc.
  • The overall condition of the construction, energy performance certificate.
  • Indoor and outdoor amenities: room layout, garden, cellar, garage, room equipment, etc.

2. Repair and Clean Your Property

Then, your apartment or house must be appealing so that potential buyers could see themselves becoming the owner it. This is why it’s very important for you to put in the extra efforts to make it look perfectly neat and tidy.

Start by tidying and cleaning thoroughly. And if you see any small defects, make sure to fix them properly. Keep in mind that the first impression will influence the buyer : in order to put them in the best conditions, make sure to give them an excellent first impression!

3. Depersonalize the interior

In addition, it is better if your interior looks relatively neutral. The idea is that visitors can project themselves into their future potential home; that they can imagine their own belongings in every room.

So make sure to store away your belongings, such as decoration items, photos and any unusual piece of furniture. On the other hand, you can keep neutral elements which will give life to the room. The key is to declutter the space with things too personal or uncommon, which visitors would have difficulty identifying themselves with.

For this purpose, some owners even use the services of an interior decorator and/or a landscaper to make the most of their property. This is an investment, which increases your chances of selling your property.

4. Hire a Real Estate Agent

Finally, one of the best tips is to use the services of a professional. An expert such as a real estate agent will help you sell your property more efficiently, in a better time frame and for a better price.

In exchange, they will earn a commission on the sale (generally ranging from 6 to 8%), they will help you out throughout the whole process. Among the many services they offer, they will be able to:

  • estimate a fair price,
  • give you some advice on how to add value to your property,
  • take high-quality photos,
  • write and post optimized ads,
  • help you to gather all the required documents,
  • manage relations with potential buyers,
  • organize the visits,
  • provide advice (legal informations, negotiations, recommended renovations, etc.).).