The Best Season to Sell Your House or Apartment

If you want to sell your property in the right conditions, there are many things you have to think of. Choosing a real estate agent, estimating the property’s value, getting an energy performance certificate or doing some renovations. But did you know that the time of the year was a major criterion to take into account? Indeed, the real estate market changes over the months, making some seasons more favorable towards sales than others. Let's have a look at each season and see when is the best time to sell a house or apartment:

Spring: a Transitional Season

In Luxembourg, real estate sales increase greatly during spring. This is the season of renewal, a transitional moment between the winter gloom and the summer holidays. This is a key moment when people are more enthusiastic and initiate professional and personal projects.The end of spring is also the end of the school year, which is a great time to start a move and finalize it in the summer.

As a homeowner, you are more likely to sell your home to a family in transition or to rent your apartment to a recent graduate, for example. In addition, as competition is strong in the spring, you have a better chance of selling your property at a better price.

The Summer Lull

In summer, activity tends to decrease. This also applies to the real estate market. There were many sales in the spring, meaning people are busy moving house during the summer holidays.

The decline in activity then becomes more favorable towards buyers. If you want to sell at a good price, it would be better for you to wait until fall.

Fall is Back to School Season

Fall is also a season of renewal, like in the spring. Children go back to school and many people start a new job after the summer holidays. It is also a good time for new life projects, including housing projects.

In addition, there is the National Housing Week event in October organized by Luxembourg, which motivates buyers even more. Thus, back to school also takes place on the real estate market, which is then more favorable towards sellers.

Winter Return to Tranquility

Finally, winter is an off-peak season, especially during the holiday season. However, sales start to pick up again mid-January. Here again, job transfers and other career developments are often triggers for changing home.

If you want to sell during the winter, make sure your property looks neat and clean, especially outside. Despite the fact that the weather is not good, everything must look perfectly maintained. And for the inside, creating a cocooning atmosphere will make your potential buyers feel immediately at home.

Throughout the year, the real estate market alternates between quieter and busier times. If you want to put your property up for sale, choose a season more favorable towards sellers; like spring or fall. On the contrary, during the quieter periods - winter and summer - you can take the time to do any work that is needed in your property, which will add value when selling it.