The Different Steps When Selling an Apartment or a House

Do you want to sell your house or apartment in Luxembourg? In order to increase your chances of succeeding, there are key steps you can follow. They will help you to close the sale at a good price and in a better time frame. In this article, you will find the different steps to follow for selling an apartment or house:

Choose the Right Timing

First of all, you should know that there is a right time to sell your property. That’s why it is important to choose the right timing to put your property up for sale.

Here are some elements that can impact the real estate market depending on the seasons:

  • Spring and the very beginning of summer are often transitional periods. End of school year, changing jobs, job transfer, etc. This time of the year is when the market is more active which is better for sellers.
  • Middle of summer and winter are often quieter times, which is when the market is more favorable towards buyers than sellers.
  • Beginning of September throughout fall is when the market starts to pick up again and becomes interesting for sellers.

Analyze the Market Prices

Then the second step when selling a property is to have a good overview of the prices on the market. Analyze selling prices by looking at other apartments/houses for sale in your municipality, or even your neighborhood. Focus on properties that are similar to the one you are selling so that you can estimate a good square meter price.

Setting a fair price is essential! By overvaluing your property, you will struggle to sell it; but undervaluing it, you might make potential buyers wary. In order to set an adequate and impartial price, you can contact a real estate agent or expert.

Make Your Property More Appealing

This third step is essential if you want to sell your home in a reasonable time frame. The idea is to showcase your property so that it looks appealing. By doing so, you will increase your chances of attracting buyers and closing your sale.

In order to do, focus on the renovations that need doing. All the work that have been left on hold need to be completed as well as any other repairs that would increase the value of the property. Do the maths: if the work cost you less (in terms of time and money) than the value its adding to the total price, then it is better to undertake them.

In addition, make sure to tidy and clean all the rooms. Ideally, you will want the arrangement of the furniture and the decoration to look nice. This will make the photos look more attractive, and will give a better impression to the prospects during their visits.

Gather all The Documents For the Sale

Finally, it is important to be able to answer all of the questions from your potential buyers. So make sure you have all the information about your property and the equipment that comes with it. Similarly, gather all the necessary documents, such as energy report or maintenance certificates.

And to get the best support throughout the sale, do not hesitate to use the services of a real estate agent!